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My Steps to Success

My Steps to Success

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It started on Sunday, December 5th 1999. A healthy baby girl was born at a hospital in Tasikmalaya when Sun just shined for minutes. Her mommy and daddy named her Baiq Elfa Desfira. And, she was me.

I lived at the same city for years.  In there, I got my first important lessons mostly from my parents and my cousin, Kak Udi. I taught how to do basic things I will need in my entire life, such as how to become friends with others. My family had enough money to provide me healthy foods, so I became a fat healthy little girl.

After that, my family and I moved to Cileunyi, Bandung. I met Rofi, a boy lived in the next door. He often visited my home. He also my classmate at my kindergarten (TKIT Al-Insaan) for a year, a place where I start love to draw my own cartoons. Then, I continued my study to SDN Cijati 1. I had many new friends and teachers there. There was where I knew Thintan, Eva, Zeva, Sheilla, some of my best friends. They taught me how to understand each others. They were my classmates for 6 years, so we had through ups and downs together.

Gratefully, I've never had serious problems about my school life and friendship. My parents could give me good books, bags, shoes, and other school things. They paid attention to my grades, always support and less complaining. My mommy never forced me to get high scores.

I was dreaming to become a doctor because I want to help my family when they are sick. So, I start loving and learning more about Science. Sometimes, I represent my school in competition. 

In 2012, I graduated from elementary school. I entered SMPN 2 Cileunyi (RSBI). I was a member of class 7C, 8C, and 9B. Of course I learn new things there, not only about Sciences, but also the social environment. It was such priceless experiences that ever happened in my life. I liked the social environment, buildings, and most of the lessons I got at class, so it was not really hard to learn about anything because I did it with love. But, one thing I didn't really like was competing, I just kept doing it but never optimize it. I took part of some competition, but I rarely won. Now, I realize that I was wasting my chances to improve my skill. I got a chance to be trained in a place full of genius. But in the end, I was not really sad because I got precious experiences. 

When I was a 8th grader, I joined some extracurriculars, they were Wall Magazine, English Club, and Aermodelling. I was a chairman of the English Club. I learned leadership, teamwork, time management, and express my opinions. It was not easy for me because I didn't really like to communicate with others about what I think, what I want. Also, in this phase, I changed my mind about my future career. I found that my passion was not in medical health, but more about Aerospace Engineering. I wanted to be an Engineer. I was inspired by my close friend's dad who worked in that field. He could get much money and visit many countries around the world. That's why I joined Aeromeodelling.

I've searched information about Aerospace Engineering faculty and found FTMD ITB. The campus was not so far from my house and it has great accreditation. My cousin also study there, so I think I could ask him about it. My daddy also support my big dream.

I attended course twice a week. It really helped me to understand better what I had learned form school. On Sunday, I joined drawing course not far from my house because my hobby was drawing. Frankly, I loved to draw random things, just to express my feelings without any colours (only black and white), using what I held on my hand and the nearest paper from where I sat down. It was just relaxing for me. I thought it my help me to accomplish my goal since sketch is the first step to build aeroplane. My daddy support my hobby, but in the next months I chose to quit and focus on my school. I obsessed to enter the senior high school that will give me bigger opportunity to pursue my dream, a Aerospace Engineer at Airbus Company. 

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I am happy that I am officially a student at SMAN 3 Bandung since 2015 although I am the only one from my junior high school. Once again, I am a loner for some times. I try adapting with the new situation and different system of curriculum. It was hard and tired at first, but my dream that stay in my brain and heart is the biggest reason why I'm still here. Also, the distance between my home and school makes me physically tired, so I chose to live in dormitory. This is my first time living by myself. 

Future Plan

Now, I'm a 12th grader. I'm planning  to continue my study to ITB (Institut Tekonologi Bandung), Program of Engineering Management. Once again, I change my mind. They said the job I've been dreaming is not appropriate for woman. It'll take much of my time, so I'll be rarely at home. I admit that I very disappointed to hear that, finding my dream just hopeless. But, I'm sure my daddy and sister do this because they love me, so I think twice and finally change my destination.

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The reason why I choose Program Engineering of Management is I really want to know more about technique and business at the same time. I want to be a success businesswoman. I want to make my own property and culinary company, BAI TEAM. I want to buy myself a good houses, cars, and take my family to many countries around the world. I  hope that I will complete my first degree in 4 years or less. I also want to open my first online/ offline shop in the second or third year. It'll help me to improve my time and money management.

I am going abroad before I apply job. I'll enroll in Germany. I'll try to take part-time job, so I can earn money by myself. 

After that, I'll back to Indonesia, get formal job, and prepare for my wedding. Me and my future husband will buy a house together and live in it. We're planning to get a minimalist house with a pool, backyard, and wide parking area. In there, we'll spend our quality time in the living room. The house will always be warm and neat, full furnished with good furniture we've bought before, mostly in white and violet.

So, what I have to now is learning, searching for opportunity, and pray hard. Pray for me!

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