Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

Who are the woman that inspire me?

Who are the woman that inspire me?

By reading the question, I know that the answer will always be ‘Linda’. This 40 year-old woman has been living with me since early 1999. She let me eating, sleeping, even peeing in her tummy for about 40 months. She is the most patience woman I’ve ever met.  She takes care of me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Remember my childhood story, I was such a fat naughty little girl who loved annoying everyone. I liked to disturb my older sister and when she got mad, I would cry for a night. I could not sleep on other bed except the dirty one I have. She had moved it so that I didn’t sleep there, but I must be crying and crying until I got the bed back. When she didn’t at home, I was going out to the front yard then played near bee hive. I was attacked by a bee on around my eyes. In the end of that day, I cried again. I think it must be tired having a kid like me. But, I’ve never heard she felt ungrateful for having three daughters.

She is also a normal person like us. She can feel happy, angry, or sad. Sometimes, she gets mad easily when she is exhausted. She can be so happy and buy me things I want when something’s good happens. She teaches that life has ups and downs. All we have to do is face it and work the best for it.

The second most-inspiring-woman I’ve ever known is Florence Nightingale. I’ve read a book that tells a story about her when I was at elementary school. She is such a very kind person, helping many sick soldiers in Crimean war. It could be a very dangerous  act for her, being in a place full of blood and cry at night. She was so brave nursing all the soldiers so that she is called “The Lady with Lamp”. I can not imagine meet such a very caring woman in my life. 

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