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English Assignment

Procedure Text


All you need to make A Bug in Jar are :
1.      Plastic jar
2.      Electric candle
3.      Wooden bug
4.      Green pebbles
5.      Artificial leaves
6.      Root
7.      Rope
8.      White acrylic paint
9.      Paint brush
10.  Scissor
11.  Glue

Tools and materials you need to make A Bug in Jar

How to make it :
1.      First, paint the inside part of plastic jar using white acrylic. Wait until it’s dry.
2.      After that, put all decoration stuff in the jar, they are artificial leaves, root, and green pebbles. Place the pebbles on the bottom, root and artificial leaves on the back side.
3.      Then, take a wooden bug. Glue the bug’s surface and stick it inside the jar. Make sure it is strongly attached.
4.      Take the electric candle and turn it on. Put it inside.
5.      Last, decorate the jar cap with rope and leaves so it will look more beautiful.
6.      Finally, our magical jar has done!
7.      Place the jar in a dark room. The hidden bug has been found!

Tips! Use hairdryer to make the jar easier to dry after it painted. 

Watch the video here :

Thank you :) 

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